Sunday, June 21, 2009

Book Review : The Burnt House by Faye Kellerman

The Burnt House
After reading many of Kellermans books, they start to all have the same theme.... Decker comes across a murder, he and his team investigate all the while his faithful family is going about their daily lives while putting up with Deckers 24 hour investigation vigil. But i still enjoy her books, the way she makes you feel like your evesdropping on the Decker family, their daily Jewish rituals. In Burnt House, there's a horrible plane crash, all perished, 9/11 still on everyones minds and a father who's daughter has been missing insists that she didn't die in the plane crash, that his son in law is the killer and he wants Decker to nail him. During his investigation he comes across another murder mystery that ties in with the original investigation.

On a scale of 1-10- 10 being awesome 1 being the worse, i would give this one a 7 because at times , the details are kind of boring.

Finished June 19,2009

From Publishers Weekly
A coincidence so improbable that a character comments on it renders bestseller Kellerman's 16th novel to feature Lt. Peter Decker of the LAPD and wife Rina Lazarus (after 2003's Street Dreams) one of the series' lesser entries. After a commuter airplane crashes into an apartment building shortly after takeoff from Burbank Airport, Decker and his team investigate what many fear was a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, the parents of Roseanne Dresden, a flight attendant, suspect that their daughter was murdered by her stockbroker husband, Ivan, who claims his wife joined the doomed flight at the last minute. Roseanne was considering divorce, and Ivan stood to lose financially. As the probes into the crash and into Roseanne's fate converge, readers will find it a challenge to suspend disbelief. Fans of the extended Decker-Lazarus clan will enjoy catching up with old friends, but those looking for a plausible police procedural may be disappointed. (Aug.)
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