Saturday, June 20, 2009

Currently Reading : Original post 1/28/2008

Tess Gerritsen
Currently reading Bloodstream by Tess Gerritsen. For me the book was slow at the beginning, kind of boring but it got better. From Amazon reviewer:

Dr. Claire Elliot moved to quiet Tranquility, Maine with her rebellious teenage son Noah after the death of her husband. She takes over a small medical practice and starts to rebuild her life, but after only being in town for a short while, strange things start happening among the town's youth. Teenage pranks rapidly accelerate into a shooting spree at the local school. Clare wonders why some of the town's residents want to cover up the incidents and she also wonders if there might be a medical explanation for everything that is going on. Then folks start blaming her for what's happening and it looks like they want to drive her out of town.Convinced that there's a medical reason for the evil behavior of the town's teenagers, Claire chases after every clue she can find. Then her son is arrested for a hit and run and that leads to the clue that might solve the puzzle.

BLOODSTREAM is a fast and fun five star read that will have you deeply involved in the mystery while you work along with Claire as she tries to figure it all out.

I have read 6 of Gerritsens books , each one filled with lots of suspense. If you like mystery and thrillers, you'll enjoy her books.

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