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I gave up on Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. Its really not my cup of tea. I may finish it later on. So i decided to try a Linda Barnes book. I picked The Snake Tattoo (Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries)

Its very similar to a Sue Grafton book. The main character is very similar to Kelsey Millhone.

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The Snake Tattoo (Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries)
By Linda Barnes
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Carlotta Carlyle, ex-cop, struggling private eye, and 6'1" of long tall redhead, takes any case that walks through the door. This time the door opens twice. First in is her old partner, Lieutenant Mooney of the Boston police, unfairly charged with brutality, suspended, and desperate. The witness who can clear him is a hooker with a snake tattoo...and she's vanished.

The second client is a teenager with a missing wallet and a split lip. He's been roughed up on the Boston streets while searching for his runaway girlfriend. He's too young to be a client, and Carlotta should have turned him down. Shoulda, woulda, coulda...didn't.

Both investigation send Carlotta into Boston's Combat Zone and the dark alleys of the human heart. Hookers don't disappear and kids don't take off with good reason. Now Carlotta is coming face to face with the evil that men do, and what is she going to do about it? Tackle it head on....

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* Amazon Sales Rank: #395305 in Books
* Published on: 2004-02-16
* Released on: 2004-02-03
* Number of items: 1
* Binding: Mass Market Paperback
* 320 pages

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
In "a rivetingly well-told story," redheaded, 61 private eye Carlotta Carlyle helps an old friend, Lieutenant Mooney of the Boston PD, who is under investigation for excessive brutality. "There are surprises at the finish, made all the more potent by the novel's unforced pace and charm," lauded PW.
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal
Redheaded, free-spirited private detective Carlotta Carlyle returns ( A Trouble of Fools) for another unforgettable Boston excursion. Simultaneously juggling two cases, Carlotta searches for a 14-year-old runaway girl and a blond hooker with a snake tattoo on her leg. Because of a mother's seeming indifference to her daughter's plight, the runaway's fate preempts most of the skillfully interwoven plot, even though a policeman's career depends on the hooker's testimony. The narrative moves right along, however, featuring sprightly dialogue, offbeat characters, upbeat action, and Combat Zone surroundings. Bright, witty, and a touch sarcastic.-- REK
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

"The most refreshing, creative female character to hit mystery fiction since Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone."--People

"A rivetingly well-told story."--Publishers Weekly

"Barnes' crisp writing and winsome cab-driving detective make this a smooth ride from start to stop...Carlyle earns rave reviews and a plea for encores." -Cincinnati Post
Customer Reviews

Cops on the Take!4
Carlotta Carlyle from A TROUBLE WITH FOOLS, gets stuck with a none functioning bathroom, her little sister in Columbia, a mentor who makes the papers as a crooked cop and a young teen who finds life on the streets preferable to home.
A fine continuance for a budding detective who knows no other way than to keep plugging away until all the layers of Boston sleaze are stripped away. Into her life comes Sam, an old flame but balanced by Lt. Mooney who needs a friend against his own kind who intend to destroy his testimony before Internal Affairs. Complicated personal relationships move this second entry and make a smooth read. Enjoy Charlotte and The Brothers who owe her roommate a favor.
Nash Black, author of TRAVELERS and SINS OF THE FATHERS.

A series that's growing on me4
I wasn't so sure about Carlotta when I read the first book, but she's really starting to grow on me. I'm not reading them in any particular order - which might be helpful, but isn't really necessary because the focus of the book is really the mystery, not the side bits of fluff (though in this book, the side bits were really good). Barnes creates great characters, good plot lines and a nice pace - pretty much all you can ask for in a mystery. I would recommend her Carlotta Carlisle series to anyone who likes a laid back, good ole armchair mystery.

This writer is FUNNY4
A good rainy-day author. Here's an excerpt "I had the strong feeling that [they] were in a Plymouth Reliant motoring toward some southern state where you could marry your first cousin provided you were both over the age of eight." Such wry wit permeates the book and makes for a fast, fun read. I'm glad she's written so many other books. I can't wait to read them all.....

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