Saturday, June 20, 2009

Book Review : Fugitive - By Phillip Margolin : Original post 6/3/2009

Fugitive by Phillip Margolin

Hot off the press. You can read the whole book on the Harper Collins website:

Product Review from Amazon:

Oregon attorney Amanda Jaffe—star of three other Margolin thrillers, including Proof Positive (2006)—takes on the case of a lifetime when she is tapped to defend Charlie Marsh, aka Guru Gabriel Sun. Marsh’s past is legend: he was a prisoner whose freedom came abruptly when he saved the life of a guard during a riot. He then changed his name and published a book, The Light Within, in which he spoke of how you, too, could achieve personal transformation. The public, especially women, ate it up, helped by Marsh’s good looks, dangerous background, and newfound sensitivity. One of those swooning women was the wife of a U.S. congressman. After the congressman’s murder, both his wife and Marsh stood trial for the crime. Before the verdict was read, though, Marsh escaped, landing in Batanga, Africa, where the U.S. has no extradition treaty and a heartless dictator rules the country. When Marsh finds he might be caught for bedding one of the tyrant’s wives (sense a pattern here?), he realizes that a trial in the U.S. bodes better for him than punishment at the hands of Batanga’s cruel ruler. With the exception of Jaffe and Dennis Levy, a reporter who covers the Marsh case, Margolin’s characters and premise this time are a little too larger than life to be believable. Let’s hope he brings back both Jaffe and Levy in a novel a bit more grounded in reality. --Mary Frances Wilkens

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