Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whats on Your Desk Thursday or ?

I received this meme today from "ibdragon" Bill - author of
He says its a Wednesday thing but he didn't get it until late Wednesday evening so now its a Thursday thing! Sounds good to me.

Here are the rules:
You can do one of two things or both.

1. Grab a camera and take a photo of your desk, or anywhere you stack your books/TBR pile. And no tidying! Add this photo to your blog. Tag at least 5 people, and then return to Sassy Brit’s blog and leave a link back to your photo in the Mr. Linky.
2. List at least 5 BOOKISH things on your desk. List at least 5 NON BOOK things. Tag at least 5 people to do the same. Return to Sassy Brit’s blog and leave your link, so everybody can come and visit your blog.

So here is a picture of my desk:

5 Bookish Things:

A book

5 Non Bookish Things

Pez Dispenser

5 people:

Lou's Page
Because I Could Never Keep up With a Diary
Stuff By Xtine
Ms Bookish
Melissa's Bookshelf

Thanks again and hope you can check out these wonderful blogs!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful space and you have a window view!!!

Natalie W said...

Yes i love it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your desk is so neat! I love to keep mine as organized as possible...not always the case.

Mari said...

Nice. I need a bigger desk like this. :)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at everyone's desk. Thanks for sharing :)

Yvette Kelly said...

Your space looks wonderful and so organised!!!

Louise said...

Thanks for tagging me, I need to grab that camera and take some photos. It will not be of my desk, though, since I have no books on my desk right now, I actually only have my computer and that would be one boring photo :-)

Also want to thank you for your comments left on my pages while I was away. I am back home now and trying to catch up on blogs, comments, mails, tweets and all that :o)

Ms. Bookish said...

Your desk looks so neat and tidy! I like your window view, too. Thanks for tagging me - I actually did this one last month - here's the link (if you really want to see the messy state of my TBR!)

ibdragon said...

Arrgghh, your desk is so neat. Alas as neat as I think I am, I am constantly fighting with those books that creep onto the desk at night hoping to be the next to be read. Thanks for playing the meme game.