Wednesday, September 2, 2009

09/09/09 at 9:am - What Are You Doing?

Over at Fuel My Blog 70steen has come up with a fun little meme!

"Hi everyone

Ok it is 2009 and I am 70steen who has been landlocked in the last century in the 70s and subsequently the 80s.

Don’t let anyone say I am not up to the minute, despite my rambles last century [blimry I have striddena century!!] because next month we see a magical date…. 09/09/09. Even those across the pond can’t confuse me that day with the swapping around of month and days. … why do you do that??

In celebration of this lack of confusion I thought it would be fun to launch an experiment (yes I am that geek and I love experiments) …… how’s about all us FMBer’s take a photo or describe what we were doing at 09.00am on 09/09/09 on our blogs and link it back here to Fuel My Blog…. we will be part of history in the making.. it is an chance not to be missed…. come on you know you want to!!

The best post will get to choose a t-shirt from Uncle Iffy virtual t-shirt store!

I will send a reminder nearer the day :-) "

I'm game! Sounds like fun. I'd love to see what everyone comes up with.


70steen said...

WTG Natalie ... brilliant & also a reminder to me to pop a reminder post up at Fuel My Blog this weekend.
Have you thought what you are doing for your post? I will be on my way to work (probably) so I will have to see if I can spice that up a bit... in the evening I am meeting up with Claire from A Little Piece of Me so there maybe a 9pm slant in my post too .... thank you for the link too :-)

Diane said...

too funny, but a very cool idea indeed. LOL

Sassy Brit said...

Love the idea of this one! Very good.

Thank you also, for my award, it really made my day. Congrats on receiving some yourself, and to those of whom you also nominated!


Natalie W said...

Hmmm, i wonder what i'll be doing on that day??? :)

Diane, i'll be coming to your site on 09/09/09 !

Your welcome Sassy!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Hi Natalie...I just posted my blog on the 9-9-09 meme.

It's at