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Daddy Goes on A Trip Book Review and Author Interview with William G. Bentrim

Daddy Goes On a Trip: Dealing With Travel and Deployment  by William G. Bentrim

Who can forget that heartbreaking picture of the little girl who ran to her daddy and wouldn't let go of his hand because she didn't want him to leave for war.
Children can be so confused and frightened when parents have to leave for  extended periods. This book is an awesome teaching tool for young kids. Cute bear illustrations and words that little kids understand. With explanations on why daddy has to leave, how they can communicate with daddy while he's gone and how they can deal with their emotions.
A book highly recommended for military parents with young children. 

I'm so excited to do my first author interview! 

So without further ado,  William G. Bentrim:

So, tell us a little about yourself and other books you have written/published.

So far I have “I Like To Whine” and “Daddy Goes On A Trip” published. 

“I Like To Whine”is a series of scenarios of animals whining and the wise old owl gently chiding them and making suggestions as to why whining is inappropriate.   At the end of the book there are some parenting strategies and activities for dealing with whining children.  

“Daddy Goes On A Trip” is a book that addresses current event issues.  Children today are often exposed to things that their parents never had to face.   Military deployment was practically unknown for a generation.  Two income families have become the norm.  Kids are often confused and even frightened as to why Daddy or Mommy has to travel.   Taking the time to clearly explain can make a world of difference for the child’s emotional and mental stability.  This book hopes to be a useful resource for parents addressing these travel or deployment issues.

Why children’s books? What’s your inspiration?

I taught school as my first real career.  It was a self contained 5th grade classroom.  It was one of the better experiences in my life.   After I left education I coached every sport my two boys played until they hit their teen years.  I was also a room parent for 9 consecutive years.  You may see a theme here.  I have enjoyed all my encounters with children including those with my own and my grandchildren. 

My inspiration may have come from the time I spent as guidance counselor in the public schools.  I found there were very few resources for dealing the stresses faced by the very young child.  Being gregarious by nature, in discussion with other professionals I accumulated a bevy of topics on which to write.   I sold my computer business three years ago and finally had time to address my need for writing.  That bevy of topics will be turned into books as rapidly as I can write them. 

Where do you write and are you currently writing another book?

I have attached a photo of my work area.  I park myself in front of one of my computers for hours each day.   I hope to have “Mommy’s Black Eye” out in the next month or two.   It deals with helping children cope with domestic violence.   I am also in the midst of editing my first pre-teen adventure. 

“The Adventures of Hardy Belch” will document the escapades of a 12 year old boy and his 240 pound dog.  It is light hearted with an attempt to provide positive, non-violent story lines with happy endings that still appeal to the middle school child. 

About Me

I often wonder who I am.  I am retired computer guy with 30 years of experience in microcomputers and  a retired school teacher and counselor with 10 years of experience in the schools.  I am a father and a grandfather.  I’ve played many roles.  The role you chose to play is the one you are at the time of the show. Some roles overlap and are played simultaneously. Some roles are never to be repeated. I am someone who cares about the people around me, who wants to improve the society we all live in, who hopes on a daily basis to leave the planet a little better than it was the previous day and who is cognizant that the impact I have on the world is minimal. Tilting at windmills is a part of my character as is a deep love for all those who need to be loved. In my own mind I am a complex, multi-layered, unique character in the kaleidoscoping drama of life.

Sometimes I write merely to keep my head from exploding with ideas.  I’ve always had a need for self expression which runs the gamut through performance, many types of media expression and word.   I greet and end each day with the hope that I might make some small change that will improve life for someone.   Some of what I write is to entertain, hopefully with some redeeming aspect being illustrated.   My naiveté and cynicism clash with great frequency.  25 years of working with technology challenged my intellect but did little for my soul.  I write to nourish that part of me that needs to feel like I am positively impacting life. 

Thank you so much Mr. Bentrim for doing this interview with me!!

Daddy Goes On A Trip and I Like to Whine  are both wonderful books for young children, easy to read and cute pictures on each page to keep their attention. They would make great gifts!


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Rhonda said...

I really enjoyed that interview. I'm glad he wrote that book, because my dad was in the air force and had to leave us all the time. I'm 50 years old, but still affected by that experience. I hope your interview helps him sell more books to help more children.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

What a captivating interview! I can really relate to authors who talk about living many different roles and "tilting at windmills.!

Louise said...

What an interesting author and a great interview. Also seems like those books are important books in our day and age. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Great interview, very interesting!!

I have an award for you HERE

Natalie W said...

Hi Rhonda! My dad was in the Coast Guard and it was difficult.
Thanks Laurel, Louise and Vicki and i'll be over to check out the award!

elnice said...

Cute interview. I was once a school teacher too, it can be inspiring! The whining book sounds great, I know a couple (of whiners that is).

I just started following you. I spotted you on book blogs. Come check me out...

Sassy Brit said...

GREAT interview! This sounds good - “The Adventures of Hardy Belch”.

Not sure if it is me/my computer, but I couldn't find the desk pic, and you know how much I love those! LOL

Are you taking part in Friday Finds today? If you'd like to have a look at mine, here it is:My Friday Find.

Happy Friday! Yay!!!


ibdragon said...

I have emailed you a desk photo, not the same one I gave Natalie but the same desk.

ibdragon said...


Thanks for the exposure, now the world has been exposed to my messy desk.

Thanks to all the folks who commented, watch for "Mommy's Black Eye", I am ordering the proof today so it should be available for review soon. If any of you want to review it, please email me.