Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Dark Matter Directive by D. Charles Wilson

The Dark Matter Directive
by D. Charles Wilson
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  From the publisher:  " A bone-chilling ride into the unknown. If you're looking for a great way to make your skin crawl, D.Charles Wilson's writing will do it."

In the small town of Brockton Falls, things are just not right. Its unusually quiet. Theres a gentle wind blowing and an eerie feeling in the air.  Father Ben is uneasy. The sky is strange looking, stormy with a sweet scent, like honeysuckle.  "Standing there, he was overcome with an uncanny sense of decay."

Matt Jessings notices something odd. A black circle, underneath the eaves. Smells sweet.  The whole area was infested with some kind of insect. Termites? No, they're bigger. About 3 " long with large segmental  mandibles protruding from its head. What could it be? And wheres the sweet smell coming from?

Kevin and Eric Jessing notice something strange at school. Something comes over them, they can't explain it.  "Do you know the muffin man?" Kev answered. The teacher cocked her head, "Excuse me?" I continued, "He waits for all of us at the edge of the world." " An inexplicable aroma of honeysuckle drifted through the classroom...."

"Matt," Pamela added, "some say that if you look into a mirror  and it turns black, that's when something from the other side has noticed you. It's why you should never gaze into a mirror in the dark - that's when they're watching you......."

Sound SCARY?? It is!

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Too scary for me, but that graphic is fun :)