Friday, September 17, 2010

Author and Book Spotlight : Cry Ohana by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Cry Ohana by Rosemary and Larry Mild Slated for National Release on October 1

I am really looking forward to reading this !

BALTIMORE, MD. – Cry Ohana, the latest novel by husband-and-wife mystery writers Rosemary and Larry Mild, will be released on October 1, 2010.

Hank Pualoa makes the worst mistake imaginable when he drives drunk and causes an accident that kills his beautiful wife and tears apart his Hawaiian family, ohana. Forced to leave his Hawaii homeland in shame, Hank leaves his two young children, daughter Leilani, and son Kekoa, with their grandmother.  The children thrive under their grandmother’s care—until 12-year-old Kekoa witnesses the murder of his uncle.

As the only witness to this gruesome crime, Kekoa is in grave danger. Stalked by the murderer who plots to kill him, Kekoa faces no choice but to flee the only home and family he has ever known.

Plunged into a hand-to-mouth existence on the streets of Chinatown, Kekoa is forced to grow up way too fast. As if surviving day-to-day weren’t hard enough, he faces an even bigger and deadlier challenge: outrunning the murderer who tracks his every move.

When he is hired as a baker’s assistant, Kekoa attempts to return to the home he once knew. But he’s too late:  his grandmother has passed away, and he has lost his sister—again—to a foster family.

As he struggles to outrun the killer’s repeated attempts on his life, Kekoa never loses sight of his desire to find Leilani and reclaim the family he has left. But danger is lurking at every turn—from a Filipino wedding to a Maui resort; from a festive Chinese New Year celebration to the bakery where he works.

With the help of a tough and tenacious investigator and a shadowy stranger, Kekoa manages to stay one step ahead of the murderer. But when the killer’s greedy and unscrupulous plans start to spiral out of control, he will ratchet up his efforts to ensure Kekoa’s silence once and for all.

Can Kekoa find a new beginning with the family he lost?  Or will the killer catch up to him first?

A high-action story of adventure and suspense, Cry Ohana is a mesmerizing tale about family, redemption, hope and justice. Brimming with local color and a setting to die for, Cry Ohana charms with its unforgettable cast of characters and lively, spirited plot.

Rosemary and Larry Mild coauthor the popular Paco & Molly Mystery Series:
Boston Scream Pie, Hot Grudge Sunday and Locks and Cream Cheese. They teach mystery and thriller writing at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. Their short stories currently appear in Mysterical-E.  Visit the Milds at

Cry Ohana (Publish America) will be available wherever fine books are sold on October 1, 2010 and will be released simultaneously in a paperback edition (ISBN: 978-1-4512-4478-6, 420 pages, $12.95) and a hardcover edition (ISBN: 978-1-4512-6090-8, 420 pages, $14.95). Members of the news media wishing to request more information are asked to contact Maryglenn McCombs by phone – (615) 297-9875, or by email –



Teenage Bride said...

a husband and wife team!!!! Cute

I am hooked this is a MUST read

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine trying to write a book with MY husband!
I have read books by these authors before, though, and they're absolutely terrific. Be sure to check them out!

Suko said...

I hope this book will be as good as it looks and sounds, Natalie!

Elizabeth said...

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Love your site.

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Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I just saw the comment from Elizabeth! I'm glad people notice the sidebars of our blogs occasionally! lol

This book sounds fabulous! I'll be watching for it....

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Alice Teh said...

Oh, I like this! I'll be keeping an eye for this one. I hope it comes to my bookstores. Otherwise, I'll have to see if Kindle has it or if not, to order online. Thanks for the highlight, Natalie!