Friday, October 1, 2010

Book Spotlight : The Weight of Glass by Stuart Heatherington

From the flap:

“Long ago my childhood became a graveyard for the shipwrecks of memory. Broken masts lay compressed along its shoreline. Like inverted crosses rising from the water, the emotional events of youth scuttled upon shallow rocks and slipped gently into its currents. Throughout the years I found forgetting an acceptable form of therapy; my demonstration of its ability masterful.”
Hidden in the words of Amy Macon’s memoir, as much a work in progress as a survival guide for a torturous childhood, is the need to stitch together the fabric of a family’s dark history.
For Lee Macon, growing up meant you had to forget waking up inside your mother’s coffin or the memory of the man that put you there. That’s a secret he’s kept from his sister for 30 years.
Things change, however, when Amy joins Lee at the family’s beach house to lay their sister to rest. Showing up will ease some of the scars brought on by time, if not the memory of the ones etched upon Amy’s wrists. But more importantly, Lee understands the staggering truth behind her murder.
What they know is this: out of a houseful of children, only two of them remain alive. One is pushing to escape the past and the other hell-bent on bringing it to light. In this, Lee finds himself blindsided by a sister’s resolve, drug around by the corners of a broken heart and forced to remember what, as a boy, he so desperately fought to hide. Problem is no one said it would be easy digging up the dead. It never is. But if they’re going to sift through the bones of memory, it will mean uncovering the mystery of a family long buried in violence.
A provocative novel of survival and redemption, The Weight of Glass is a story of one family’s struggle with forgiveness in the wake of tragedy.

I'm looking forward to reading this one! About the author:

Author bio: Stuart Heatherington

Stuart Heatherington lives in Chapel Hill, NC where he is a fulltime novelist. THE WEIGHT OF GLASS is his first book. At present he is a member of the South Carolina Writers Workshop and Raleigh Write 2 Publish. He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he graduated with a BA in History and developed a love of writing. Currently, he is working on his next project, a political-thriller entitled A MARK OF POWER.

Thank you Mr. Heatherington for the opportunity to read The Weight of Glass!


Suko said...

Natalie, wow! This sounds intense!

Tiffany said...

I have nominated you for an award!

Alice Teh said...

This does sound good, Natalie!

Chrisbookarama said...

It does sound interesting and I love the creepy cover.