Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outlander eNovella Is available now!!

I just received an email about Diana Gabaldon's Novella  The Space Between !!

Dear Reader,
Looking for a way to bide the time until Written In My Own Heart's Blood?
#1 New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon returns to her Outlander universe in The Space Between, an irresistible novella brimming with adventure, history, and suspense—and available for the first time as a standalone eBook for only $1.99.
Joan MacKimmie is on her way to Paris to take up her vocation as a nun. Yet her decision is less a matter of faith than fear, for Joan is plagued by mysterious voices that speak of the future, and by visions that mark those about to die. The sanctuary of the nunnery promises respite from these unwanted visitations . . . or so she prays. Her chaperone is Michael Murray, a young widower who, though he still mourns the death of his wife, finds himself powerfully drawn to his charge. But when the time-traveling Comte St. Germain learns of Joan's presence in Paris, and of her link to Claire Fraser—La Dame Blanche—Murray is drawn into a battle whose stakes are not merely the life but the very soul of the Scotswoman who, without even trying, has won his heart.
Even better: This eNovella also features a preview of the forthcoming and much-anticipated Written in My Own Heart's Blood!

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Amir Lacaba said...

I have never read the authors books but I heard great things! This is awesome that she has a standalone, it will ease new readers into the world she has created. Will check this out! Thanks for sharing :)