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Book Review : Double Cross by James David Jordan

Now that the holidays are over I can finally relax and get caught up!  I do have a few reviews to post and I'm behind on my reading.

Double Cross: A Novel by James David Jordan was an easy read.
I would definitely read other books by this author. The story line was easy to follow, the characters were written well. If you like a "clean" read (meaning no profanity/sex) this you will like. The main character Taylor and her roommate finds the church assistant dead. Looks like suicide but the clues don't add up to suicide. In the meantime, Taylors mom shows up after being absent since she was a child. Lots of twists and turns and the end was surprising.
Reminded me of a Sue Grafton book.
After reading other reviews,  I found out this was a Christian lit. but it must have went over my head (LOL) because it didn't seem like a mainstream Christian book.
Highly recommend and will be looking for other books by this author.

From the back of the book:
"The day my mother came back into my life began with a low December fog and a suicide. Mom was not responsible for the fog.
 Someone is after former Secret Service agent Taylor Pasbury. Again. The top assistant of prominent televangelist Simon Mason has turned up dead.  All signs point to embezzlement and suicide, but something doesn't add up.  When  Taylor investigates, shots begin to fly.
  As if dodging bullets isn't enough, another surprise awaits Taylor, and it's on her front doorstep.  Her mother, who abandoned Taylor when she was a child, has reappeared.  Soon Taylor, with her mother in tow, is careening down a twisting trail of danger and deceit, where nothing can be taken at face value. It's a path that leads to troubling truths about her family's path.  A path could lead to revelation and restoration. Or disaster."


About the author from his website:
From his office on the 36th floor of a Dallas skyscraper, James David Jordan counsels clients and prepares cases for court as a business attorney with the Texas law firm of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. The Dallas Business Journal has named him one of the six most influential leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth legal community as well as one of the top fifteen business defense attorneys in Dallas/Fort Worth. He has also been chosen by his peers for inclusion in Woodward/White’s Best Lawyers in America and Key Professional Media’s Texas Super Lawyers.
But James is not just an attorney. Several years ago, he set out to write a book of lessons for an adult Sunday school class. He soon found himself embellishing the Bible stories with details that he thought could, or should, have happened. Concerned that the Lord might not view a University of Missouri journalism degree as sufficient qualification to edit His work, James decided that the more prudent approach was to weave the stories into novels that would encourage readers to explore and grow in their faith.
The first fruit of his efforts was the well-received Something That Lasts, a novel about a family’s struggle with faith in the face of adultery, scandal, and tragedy. His sophomore offering, Forsaken, released last fall, posed a challenging question: What would it take for you to renounce your faith in Christ? “I had always been intrigued by the idea that God expects us to love Him more than anything, including our families,” James muses. “And I always thought of that in the context of my own children. That’s what led to the dilemma that I made the focal point of Forsaken: What if we had to choose, literally, between God and our own children?”
Jordan’s latest release, Double Cross (October 2009), is the sequel to Forsaken. Again, Taylor Pasbury is faced with a series of difficult situations and learns an important personal and spiritual lesson about sacrifices – most can never be earned. "This is where Taylor  comes to grips with the sacrifice her father made to save her from being raped when she was seventeen," Jordan says. "Double Cross also introduces Taylor's long lost mother, a quirky woman with a past of her own. I think readers will enjoy her."
A minister’s son who grew up in Alton, Illinois, James attended the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, then went on to earn an MBA and law degree from the University of Illinois. James joined Munsch Hardt in 1986 after practicing with a major Chicago law firm. From 1998 through 2005, he served as Munsch Hardt’s chairman and CEO. As litigation counsel of choice for numerous major corporations, he has represented companies ranking among the nation’s leaders in the fields of telecommunications, hospitality, restaurants, computer services, software development, financial services, engineering, and manufacturing.
James is on the Board of Directors of Christian Community Action, an organization that assists needy families in the Dallas/Fort Worth community. An avid baseball fan, he lives with his wife and two teenage children in the Dallas suburbs.

  I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
Jorge Luis Borges

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It is hard to find clean books, especially by male authors. Thanks for your honest review!

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This sounds like a good book.

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