Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Review - What About Me? By William G. Bentrim

What About Me?: Well Children With Sick Siblings
is a cute little book, addressing the issue of a sick sibling who gets all of the attention and the other is feeling left out, angry or guilty. He uses cute little bear cartoons and simple language for kids to understand.
It tells of Bradley who is having mixed emotions because his sister has broken her leg. He talks all about his feelings and how he deals with them. Then his dad comes in to talk to Bradley and to comfort him.

If you have a child in this situation or knows of a child, this book would be a wonderful tool to help him/her understand that they are not alone and that other children feel the same way.

A little about the author, Mr. Bentrim:
From Amazon
I am currently working hard to become an author, my 4th career. I owned and operated a computer networking company for 25 years. I was a school teacher and counselor with 10 years of experience in the public schools. I owned and operated a convenience store for 10 years. I am a proud husband, father and grandfather. I am someone who cares about the people around me, who wants to improve the society we all live in, who hopes on a daily basis to leave the planet a little better than it was the previous day and who is cognizant that the impact I have on the world is minimal. Tilting at windmills is a part of my character as is a deep love for all those who need to be loved. In my own mind I am a complex, multi-layered, unique character in the kaleidoscoping drama of life.

Check out my interview with Mr. Bentrim here

What a wonderful book and I highly recommend it!

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Thank you Mr. Bentrim for the opportunity to read/review this book!

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