Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Spotlight - The One Percenters by John Podgursky

The One Percenters by John Podgursky

From Goodreads:

Natural selection has become unnatural. Having dealt with the vicious murder of his wife, Edward Caine takes his rightful place as a One-Percenter, eliminating those not fit for the human race. He must fight his instinct to use his role for revenge; he is after those who live on only because of money and medicine.

The weak-gened are not fit to breed, and it's the job of Edward and his brethren to see that they don't. But can he finish the job before his own mind betrays him? He is an agent of the Earth. He is a One-Percenter. 

From Damnation Books:


  • "Oh, he died quickly and bravely."

  • "…I'm dead?"

  • They can add on life sentences, but they can't add on death sentences.

  • Excerpt:

    Death is a bad thing for those who were successful in life. For the rest of us-the majority of us-it is a new leaf. I could use one of those. I remember as a teenager wishing I could peel off my skin and remove all of the warts, the scars, the pimples that accumulate during a lifetime. Now I wish I could do the same with my soul. I am dirty. I was nature's bitch. Her little ten-dollar whore, which is more than most can venture to say.

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    Suko said...

    Sounds (what's the right word?) intriguing, Natalie. I had not heard of this book before visiting here.