Friday, January 21, 2011

Review Policy? Yes I Do!

Mini Challenges are part of the Bloggiesta Fiesta and this one is about review policies. This one hosted by Girls Gone Reading

My review policy is posted in my About page:

"I'm happy to review most books except science fiction, fantasy and romance books. I also accept Ebooks, thanks to my Sony Ereader but would love a NOOK! :0) Depending on my schedule I will usually read the book within 30 days. I post reviews on Amazon, Library Thing, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble and if there is another website you would like me to post, please let me know in your email.
You can email me at Nataliew2(at)gmail(dot)com. Disclosure: "I do not accept money for reviews, although I do receive the books at no charge from the publisher or author."

Today I added the part about accepting Ebooks,where I review and my reading schedule. 

Thank you Jennifer for the awesome tips!


Suko said...

I probably should write an official review policy one of these days. Yours is well written. Have a great weekend, Natalie!

Suzanne said...

Nice review policy page! I like the disclosure at the end. And the ereader addition is great, especially since quite a few publishers are using this method for us reviewer! I have a Sony eReader too! Love it!

Have fun the rest of Bloggiesta!

LindyLouMac said...

Ciao Natalie and best wishes for 2011, I am back at last catching up on so much that I missed while I was away from the blogsphere!

Do you think it is important to have a review policy? I review books when asked but have never thought about publicising my policy before today.

Alice Teh said...

Thanks for sharing your review policy. I have mine on my blog too as a page. :)